Pumpkin Pleasures

The air is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to change, but nothing quite says ‘fall’ like our seasonal obsession with pumpkins.  Trips to the [pumpkin patch], which spikes 3118% this month, are on the minds of Yahoo users - especially women making a fun date or family outing as 72% of the searches come from them. You’ll find people heading there in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Kansas City and Washington D.C., the top 5 pumpkin patch loving cities on Yahoo. 

The taste and smell of pumpkin is infused into just about everything this time of year, especially pumpkin spice. Top pumpkin recipes and related searches include: 

1. Pumpkin bread recipe

2. Pumpkin pie recipe

3. Pumpkin cookies

4. Pumpkin cheesecake recipe

5. Pumpkin muffins

6. Pumpkin pancake recipe

7. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

8. Pumpkin soup recipe

What’s your favorite pumpkin treat?


Feeling Charitable


In light of the wildly successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign, Yahoo users are feeling inspired to give back. Over the past 30 days on Yahoo, searches for the term [charity] are spiking 125%.

There are so many great charities to choose from, but there are a few that Yahoo users are gravitating towards. The top-searched charities this month include [amazon smile charity program], [ALS Charity], and [Omaze Charity].

And while donating funds is an essential part of giving back to the community, Yahoo users are also looking for other ways to be charitable. Over the past 30 days, searches for [plasma donation centers] are spiking 924%!

What causes are most important to you?


Just Keep Running


Rev up those running shoes, you speed demons! You’re about to round the corner into marathon season. Don’t worry, we’ll start slow. Searches for [half marathon training schedule] are up 11x more than [marathon training schedule] over the past month on Yahoo.

Wondering which race you should register for? Check out the top searched marathons over the past month on Yahoo:

  1. Boston Marathon

  2. Chicago Marathon (spiking 1316% this month!)

  3. Santa Rosa Marathon

  4. Disneyland Half Marathon

  5. Rock And Roll Marathon

  6. Pikes Peak Marathon

  7. Emerald City Half Marathon

  8. Kauai Marathon

  9. Madison Mini Marathon

  10. AFC Half Marathon

While running doesn’t require a ton of sport equipment, you do need a pair of quality running kicks if you’re going to go the distance. Searches for [best running shoes for women] are spiking 104% this month on Yahoo.

Over the past month on Yahoo, the top 5 most-searched brands are:

  1. Asics Running Shoes

  2. Brooks Running Shoes

  3. Saucony Running Shoes

  4. Mizuno Running Shoes

  5. Nike Running Shoes

Want to race?

Happy long weekend! Aside from having the extra day off, you’re wondering specifically [what is labor day]. Just what it sounds like! It’s a day of celebration for our workers.

And what better way to celebrate than to take that last summer vacay before fall hits? You’re searching for [labor day getaways] and [cheap flights]. You’re also checking out beach vacation rentals, hotel vacation clubs, all inclusive vacations, and vacation packages. Take us with you!

For Labor Day fun back at home, you’re looking up the weekend’s sales. This month, searches for [labor day laptop sales] are spiking off the charts on Yahoo, with other top sale searches including [car sales], [mattress sales], [yacht sales] and [tv sales]. Do-it-Yourself’ers are taking advantage of the long weekend: this week on Yahoo, users are specifically searching for Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears Labor Day sales.

Let the celebrations begin!


Fashion Forward


With summer almost coming to a close, Yahoo users have fall fashion on their minds. What are millions of fashion-forward people around the country searching for? Think denim and boots galore!

Yahoo users still wear their denim in the summer heat, but instead of a tight fit, women are wearing a baggier style. Searches for [boyfriend jeans] are spiking 121% this month on Yahoo.

Remember Timberland boots? Just like the Birkenstock, they are back in the wardrobe rotation of style-savvy folks, as they are the top-searched boot brand this month on Yahoo. Other top searched boot brands include: Ugg, Redwing, Hunter, and Frye.

And not to burst your beach-weather bubble, but Yahoo users are preparing for the gloomy months ahead, as searches for [rain boots] are spiking 531% this month.



It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

This month we pay tribute to the best thing since sliced bread… the sandwich! You’ve been rightfully celebrating National Sandwich Month as millions of searches from sandwich recipes to local sandwich shops spike off the charts on Yahoo.

What about other lunchtime favorites like the panini or the wrap? “Hah!”, says the sandwich. In just the past year, searches for [sandwich] have nearly tripled the amount of searches for [panini], whereas [the wrap] barely registered in some months.

How are you celebrating? Maybe you’re indulging in a new sandwich recipe each week. The top five most-searched sandwiches this month on Yahoo are 1. Chicken salad sandwich 2. Cucumber sandwiches 3. Egg salad sandwich 4. Reuben sandwich and 5. Monte Cristo sandwich.


Back to School


Summer is soon coming to an end (womp womp womp), but Yahoo users are eager to go back to school and get their shopping done early this year! 

This month, you’re  searching for [back to school sales], especially at Walmart, and [back to school supplies]. Hot brands alert! Searches for [ticonderoga pencils] are spiking 543% this week on Yahoo, and top-searched backpacks this month are Jansport, North Face, Disney Frozen, Under Armor, and Vera Bradley.

We know it all adds up despite the sales, so we understand why you’re looking to [sell textbooks]. The search spikes 237% this week on Yahoo and we are totally on board with using the money you make from selling books on going to a concert.

You’re also getting techy with it! Top-searched [laptops] this month on Yahoo are: HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Apple.

Enjoy what’s left of summer and keep searching for the best deals in your area!


Take Me to the Movies!


What’s the best way to take a break from the smoldering heat during the summer months? Going to the movies, of course! Yahoo users are looking to escape into a good movie this summer and are searching for their top picks.

Over the past 30 days, the movies with the highest volume of searches on Yahoo include [jersey boys movie], [begin again movie], and [sex tape movie].

And we can’t forget about one of the most highly anticipated movies of the season! Yahoo users are dying to see the [50 shades of grey movie trailer] which is up 3490% and searched for by 66% women and 34% of men. 

Which movie are you most excited to see this summer?


Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast


Does saying goodbye to summer also mean saying goodbye to your summer fling? Ending a relationship isn’t an easy feat, which is why you’re searching for answers on how to get over a breakup.

What break up topics are spiking this month on Yahoo?

Even if it’s brief, it can hurt. Hang in there — time heals all wounds.