Achoo! Spring Allergy Season Is Here


Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming! While Yahoo users love spring, it looks like some of you are getting the sniffles as searches for [allergies] are spiking 323%, while searches for [pollen count] are up 290% this month. [Symptoms of seasonal allergies] and [worst spring allergies] are also spiking off the charts in top searching cities San Diego, Raleigh, Orlando, Washington D.C., and New York.

You’re also concerned about the [pollen vortex] as searches for the term are spiking off the charts this month, which could mean a terrible allergy season this spring. And it looks like your worst allergy symptoms include [red nose], [skin rashes], [hives] and [itchy skin], which are all spiking on Yahoo this month too. 


Fashion High


The weather may be getting warmer, but don’t expect to see many midriffs this summer season! Yahoo users are keeping their belly buttons under wrap and filling their closets with ultra-figure-flattering high-waisted bottoms instead.

Not only are searches for [high waisted shorts] spiking by 227% this month on Yahoo, the [high waisted bikini] is also a rising trend as it spikes by 248% this month, as well as top searched [high waisted swimsuits].

Other high-waisted fashion trends you’re searching for on Yahoo  include [highwaisted skinny jeans], [high waisted denim shorts], [high waisted tights], [high waisted pencil skirts] and [high waisted dress pants].


Eggstraordinary Easter Eats!

Searches for [how to hard boil eggs] are spiking 149% this week on Yahoo and that can only mean one thing – Easter is here! Looking to fuel up ahead of your big hunt? Yahoo users are preparing [pickled eggs], up 345%, [deviled eggs recipe] up 64% and [egg salad] up 12% for main egg dishes.

Getting creative with the season’s traditional Easter Peeps, Yahoo users are searching for [recipes with peeps], [peeps dessert ideas] and [easter decorating ideas using peeps]. Some unique ways they’re using the peeps include top searched [peeps sunflower cake], [peeps cake] and [peeps wreath] this week on Yahoo.

Happy Easter!


Springing Into New Series and New Seasons


Put on your comfy pants and slippers. Sundays are now about catching up with highly-anticipated spring TV series. Yahoo users are anxious for their favorite oldies but goodies to return to the screen and even more excited for new shows to debut.

What are you planning to watch this Sunday funday? After its premiere last weekend, HBO’s [game of thrones] is the most searched TV show this month on Yahoo, but ABC’s new show [resurrection] might be the one Yahoo users are most excited about this month as searches for the show spike 855%.

Ranked in order, top searched Sunday night TV shows on Yahoo are as follows:

  1. Game of Thrones

  2. Once Upon A Time

  3. Mad Men

  4. Revenge

  5. Shameless

  6. Resurrection

  7. Cosmos

  8. Silicon Valley

  9. Veep

  10. Turn


Countdown to Coachella


The tunes, the fashion, the beginning of music festival season — Yahoo users are rightfully excited that [Coachella] is almost here! Searches for the the two-weekend, three-day music and arts festival are spiking 77% this month on Yahoo.

All the single ladies, report to the dance floor. We’re happy to share that there’s a close to equal amount of men and women festivalgoers with 52% of searches by men and 48% of searches by women. And while most searches come from LA, people are coming to Coachella from other cities in the country, too, such as San Francisco, Sacramento and New York to see their favorite bands, including top searched 1. Lorde 2. Lana Del Rey 3. Aloe Blacc 4. Ellie Goulding 5. Skrillex 6. Pharrell 7. Bastille 8. Haim 9. Martin Garrix 10. Calvin Harris.

Not sure which of your trendiest threads you should pack? Yahoo users are also asking [what to wear to coachella 2014], [when will coachella times 2014 come out] and [coachella outfits]. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!


Spring Cleaning for Your Fitness Routine


Yahoo users are looking for fun ways to work up a sweat as they search for the most effective way to burn calories this month. [Bikini workout], [hiit workout] and [ab workouts] are all spiking off the charts this month on Yahoo.

While fitness trends come and go, over the last month [crossfit] has been the hot workout for the summer, with [trx], [insanity workout], [p90x] and [t25 workout] coming in strong. Other top workouts you’re searching for on Yahoo include [soulcycle], [speed shred workout], [beachbody workout], [chalean] and [king kong workout].

Don’t feel like jumping rope for two minutes straight or ‘resting’ in a squat position in between push ups and burpees? Don’t sweat it. There is no shortage of alternative calorie-busting exercises out there. You are also searching for [jilian michaels workout], the [mp45 workout], [rushfit], [core fusion], and [physique57], too.

Here is a list of the top 10 most searched fitness programs on Yahoo this month: 

  1. Crossfit

  2. TRX

  3. Insanity Workout

  4. P90X

  5. T25 Workout

  6. Soulcycle

  7. Speed Shred Workout

  8. Beachbody Workout

  9. Chalean

  10. King Kong Workout


April Showers Bring May Flowers


With so many fluctuations in weather this year, Yahoo users are turning to search to find out the weather in their city, or better yet, their spring break vacation destination. Over the past week, the top buzzing cities in weather forecasting are Sacramento’s [kcra weather], up 18930%, and [weather in san francisco], up 754%, as Northern California experiences a late season rainstorm with folk’s fingers crossed that the drought is no longer.

Yahoo users are also searching [rainfall totals by zip code] which spikes 398% this week on Yahoo. Other top cities checking up the weather consistently this week include [las vegas weather], [chicago weather], [boston weather], [orlando weather], [houston weather], [myrtle beach weather], [washington dc weather] and [nyc weather].


So Smooth(i.e.)


Looking for a tasty way to clean up your diet? Yahoo users are too! Loaded with vitamins and nutrients, searches for [smoothie] are spiking 269%. Dare we assume you are still on track with your new year resolutions? Searches for [weight loss smoothies] and [chia seedsmoothies] have reached an all-time high this month on Yahoo.

Ranked in order, the top searched smoothies on yahoo this month are:

  1. Kale Smoothie - Those green leafy lettuce-like pieces that have superhuman powers? That’s what is in this smoothie. If you so desire, you can tone down the sometimes bitter taste by adding in cucumber or a little bit of lemon.

  2. Vanilla Banana Mango Smoothie A little fruity,  a little sweet… it’s basically a tropical vacation in a cup!

  3. Green Monster Smoothie - This power packed smoothie is a secret diet weapon. RAWR!

  4. Sicilian Smoothie - This unexpected combination of carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, watercress, spinach and jalapeno gives a punchy and spicy kick to your morning routine that will be sure to wake you up.

  5. Hala Kahiki Green Smoothie - Hala kahiki is the Hawaiian word for pineapple. And who doesn’t love pineapple? This is typically a seven-ingredient smoothie (made with spinach, too!), rich in vitamin C and tropically sweet.

  6. Oatmeal Smoothie - Granola bars are great but maybe it’s time to shake things up from your typical berry forward juice drink. Add some oats to your smoothie to help hold you over until lunch!

  7. Kinaja Smoothie -  Another tropical smoothie that combines pineapple juice, orange juice, bananas, and kiwi. Serve tall with a straw!

  8. Supergirl Smoothie - Bananas, pineapple, honeydew, and papaya make this supergirl  smoothie especially super for summer.

  9. Warrior Tonic Smoothie - Aztecs and Incas combined superfoods like chia, macau, and maca into a tasty treat before battle. Drink up before you kick butt!

  10. Strawberry Goji Smoothie - Strawberries + goji berries = fruit perfection heaven. This flavorful combination is a nutritional powerhouse!



Cocktails: The Classic Cure-all


There are few things better than a perfectly crafted cocktail. Am I right? And now that we’re finally halfway through the week, it might be time for a five o’clock happy hour with colleagues or friends. 

Yahoo users are on the hunt for what’s hip to sip. Here are the top ten “how to make a” cocktail searches.

  1. White Russian

  2. Bay Breeze

  3. Chocolate Martini

  4. Blue Hawaiian

  5. Bahama Mama

  6. Margarita

  7. Hurricane

  8. Strawberry Daiquiri

  9. Sangria

  10. Moscow Mule

Other popular searches include the recipes for a [grasshopper], [pina colada], [vodka gimlet], [cosmopolitan], [mai tai], [mojito], and an [old fashioned]. 

Hump day happy hour is looking pretty good! 


Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


At last, baseball season is finally here! The countdown is officially over as opening day of Major League Baseball has arrived. Like all good Americans, Yahoo users could not be more excited to celebrate the national pastime.

Which teams are Yahoo users buzzing about the most? The highest spiking team over the past 30 days on Yahoo is the [arizona diamondbacks] up 152%, with the [detroit tigers] up 119% and the [philadelphia phillies] spiking by 109%.

That said, when it comes to the most-searched teams, it’s the [detroit tigers] that Yahoo users are looking most forward to see, followed by [atlanta braves], [st. louis cardinals], [chicago cubs] and [texas rangers]. 

Play ball! And enjoy your hot dog!