Step Right Up!

Funnel cakes, petting zoos, ferris wheels, merry-go-rounds — who doesn’t love the fair?

Families are heading to their local fairs for some good ol’ fashion fun this summer as searches for [state fair] are spiking 776% this week on Yahoo. Curious as to which county fairs are drawing the most crowds? Over the past month, the top-searched fairs throughout the nation include:

  1. Alameda County Fair

  2. Orange County Fair

  3. California State Fair

  4. Del Mar Fair

  5. Wisconsin State Fair

  6. Ohio State Fair

  7. Iowa State Fair

  8. Marin County State Fair

  9. St. Louis Fair

  10. Valley Fair Minnesota

What do you say? Let’s go to the fair!


Contour like Kim


Kim Kardashian has nailed the high cheekbones and defined jawline look, and Yahoo users are jumping on the trend! Searches for [contouring makeup] are spiking 604% this month as Yahoo users learn how to get the picture perfect look. [kim kardashian contouring] is a top Yahoo search this month, along with related searches [contouring and highlighting], [what is contouring makeup] and [face contouring]. Maybe learning how to contour should get you A-lister points in Kim’s new game?

Want to see if the beauty trend is for you? Yahoo Screen has a fun video with makeup artist Lili Kaytmaz contouring different face shapes and skin types. Remember to also check out Yahoo Beauty for all your skincare and makeup needs!


Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do!


Which do you prefer? Singing in the shower or dancing in front of the mirror? According to searches on Yahoo this week, we’d place bets on the former. To help improve the quality of your shower vocal performance (can you hear us, neighbors?), you’ve been searching for various lyrics online, including [black widow lyrics iggy azalea] which is spiking 488% this week.

Looking to craft the most perfect rock-out-in-the-shower playlist? Check out the below most-searched song lyrics this month on Yahoo:

  1. [problem ariana grande lyrics]

  2. [let it go lyrics]

  3. [iggy azalea fancy lyrics]

  4. [john legend all of me lyrics]

  5. [wiggle jason derulo lyrics]

  6. [sam smith stay with me lyrics]

  7. [am i wrong lyrics nico vinz]

  8. [counting stars lyrics]

  9. [sia chandelier lyrics]

  10. [rude magic lyrics]

Need more to sing about? Tomorrow, Yahoo kicks off the world’s largest live concert series together with Live Nation, bringing you one live streamed concert a day, for 365 days. You can get a sneak peak at the first 30 days of scheduled performances by going to Starting today, you can sign up for text, email and calendar reminders for the concerts you want to watch and invite your friends to tune in, as well. Watch this teaser video here.



Food Truck Frenzy


Word on the street is that street food is the word! You’re heading outdoors to try some delicious — and sometimes gourmet — [food trucks]. This month, the term is spiking 168% on Yahoo, which is an increase of nearly 2x more searches compared to 2013!

Prepare your taste buds! The top searched food trucks on Yahoo this month include: the Mexican [tamarindo food truck] in Orange County, Korean and Japanese fusion [koja kitchen food truck] in the Bay Area, gourmet Singapore and American [chomp chomp nation food truck] in Orange County, Filipino Fusion [white rabbit food truck] in Los Angeles, and New England-style [roll n lobster food truck] in Los Angeles.

If you want to see what other meals on wheels are near you, check out this piece on Yahoo Travel!


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Right?


People around the country are turning to Yahoo for answers to their questions, and their curiosity knows no bounds! You have questions, and we have answers.

What “how to” questions are spiking for men this week on Yahoo?

  • The most-searched “how to” search from men on Yahoo remains [how to tie a tie] — classic! Guys, check out this video on Yahoo Screen on how to get the perfect tie or bowtie.

  • Searches for [how to whistle with your fingers] are also hot this week, with 82% of the queries coming from men. No cat calls, please.

  • 80% of [how to survive in prison] searches are coming from guys, who may or may not have been binge watching Orange is the New Black.

And the ladies? Here are some top “how to” questions they’re asking this week:

Keep the questions coming!


Night at the Museum

Looking to get inspired, beat the summer heat, and learn something new? Stand beneath a life size skeleton of a dinosaur, imagine yourself sailing on the high seas, or visit yesterday’s wonders of the world at a local museum! The top 10 museums buzzing this week on Yahoo are:

  1. [boston museum of fine arts]

  2. [creation museum kentucky]

  3. [boston museum of science]

  4. [intrepid museum]

  5. [philadelphia museum of art]

  6. [lacma museum]

  7. [st. louis city museum]

  8. [houston children’s museum]

  9. [getty museum los angeles]

  10. [volvo auto museum]


Baby, You’re a Firework!

Let freedom ring! Who’s ready for some all-American fun this weekend? We’re talking excitement-in-the-sky fun. You’re excited to celebrate stars and stripes with some good old-fashioned [4th july fireworks 2014], spiking 1316% this week on Yahoo.

You don’t just want to watch the spectacle, you want to put on your own show.  The most popular fireworks brands on Yahoo this week are:[phantom fireworks], [], [black cat fireworks], [jakes fireworks], and [sky king fireworks].

Looks like the state of Michigan puts on a dazzling display – searches this week for [fireworks in michigan 2014] are spiking 510%. Other top-searched locations for firework displays this week include: [navy pier fireworks 2014], [san diego fireworks 2014], [eisenhower park fireworks 2014], [mt clemens fireworks 2014], and of course, [fireworks displays in my area].

Happy 4th of July from the Yahoo Search team!



Surfers Beware: Shark Attacks

The last thing you want to think about if you’re spending this holiday weekend on the beach is getting attacked by a shark, but let’s be real — it could happen and you need to stay safe. I mean, Jaws happened over the 4th of July weekend!

Jokes aside, there have been many recent shark sightings and attacks this summer, and you’re staying on your guard by searching for [shark attacks], spiking 1,250% on Yahoo this month. Top-searched locations for shark attacks on Yahoo are: [maui shark attack], [jersey shore shark attack], [delaware shark attack], [pacifica shark attack], [galveston shark attack], and [florida shark attack].

Will sharks completely stop you from having fun in the sun, though? Nope, you’re looking to test your luck by going surfing! Searches for [surfboards] are spiking 142%  this month.

One month til Shark Week!


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!


What’s sweeter than a three-scoop ice cream cone? Not having to wait in line for it! Yahoo users are cooling off in the comfort of their own homes as searches for [ice cream recipes] spike 64% in light of National Ice Cream month, which starts tomorrow! Searches for [ice cream makers] are up 481%, with the top-searched [cuisinart ice cream maker] in the lead.

What flavor are you fancying? Maybe something complicated like rocky road? Don’t work up a summer sweat trying to make a difficult snack! Start simple (and smart) with a more basic flavor like [homemade vanilla ice cream recipe], the top buzzing ice cream recipe search this month.

Ladies, did you know that you have a slightly bigger sweet tooth than men? We have proof in numbers as 56% of searches for [ice cream] are coming from you as opposed to men! Wondering which cities in the US are running to the freezer aisle the fastest? Check out our list of the top ice cream loving cities:

  1. New York (NY)   

  2. Los Angeles (CA)   

  3. Chicago (IL)   

  4. San Francisco (CA)   

  5. Atlanta (GA)   

  6. Philadelphia (PA)

  7. Washington, DC

  8. Boston (MA)    

  9. Dallas-ft. Worth (TX)   

  10. Grand Rapids (MI)






Back Again, So Soon!


Long summer days means more TV shows to watch! Many returning series are hitting the air this summer, and you’ve been searching for those worth watching.

You’re interested in a few different FX shows, including [tyrant fx tv series], spiking 437% this week, and [Wilfred], spiking 232% this week, following their recent premieres. [The strain tv series] is also buzzing this week on Yahoo - we can’t blame you vampire-lovers! With the horror series set to premiere on July 13, we can’t wait for the nightmares and to see what happens next. Speaking of vampires, who can forget HBO’s [true blood]? The final season premiered last Sunday and is spiking 148% this week on Yahoo.

In the mood for some reality TV? We can tell from your searches for [big brother] and [rising star tv show]. Looks like you’re also a drama-comedy lover! Searches on Yahoo for NBC’s [taxi brooklyn tv show] are spiking 251% this week. You can meet the show’s Detective Francis Frankie right here on Yahoo Screen.

Oh, and as if you needed another HBO show to get hooked on, HBO’s [the leftovers] is buzzing 156% this week on Yahoo.