Hold on to Your Horses!


Tomorrow is the highly anticipated Belmont Stakes — it’s no wonder [2014 belmont contenders] is spiking 881% this week on Yahoo! Conversation about the thoroughbred horse races and the [belmont stakes 2014 odds] are buzzing a whopping 857%.

Who’s your money on? Searches for [victor espinoza jockey] and his [california chrome belmont] race partner are off the charts this week. Fans are also searching [california chrome horse pedigree] to get an idea of the favorite’s lineage. Bets are on California Chrome taking the the first ever Triple Crown in over three decades at Belmont!

You’re also doing your due diligence as a fan by checking out the [last triple crown winner] and the [secretariat belmont video] as you search for the past triple crown horse’s winning race.

Are you on the list of cities that are searching for [Belmont Stakes 2014] the most?

  1. Reno, NV

  2. Louisville, KY

  3. Sacramento, CA

  4. Denver, CO

  5. Casper-Riverton, WY

  6. Chico-Redding, CA

  7. Lafayette, IN

  8. Pittsburgh, PA

  9. Fresno, CA

  10. Harrisburg, PA

Get your bets in!


Hello, Anti-Aging Products! Bye Bye, Wrinkles!


Can’t wait to hit the beaches this summer and soak up the sun? We can tell! We can also see you could do without the sun spots and aging that come along with the fun, since searches for [anti aging products] are spiking off the charts this month.  

Since you haven’t found the Fountain of Youth just yet, you’re relying on the next best thing: creams, serums and elixirs that let you wave bye-bye to fine lines, uneven textures, and sagginess. For anti-wrinkle creams, the top Yahoo searched brands over the past month include:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Crème

2. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery

3. Bareminerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair

4. Omorovicza Instant Plumping Cream

5. Elethea Youth Capture Serum

6. Chanel Ultra Connection Lift

7. Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream

8. Biothern Skin Best Serum-In-Cream

9. Lise Watier Age Prevention Supreme

10. Yves Rocher Elixir

Ladies and gents, keep your skin young and smooth this summer!


More Watermelon, Please!

Watermelon, everyone’s favorite juicy summer fruit, is back in season! Searches for [watermelon cake] -  traditionally made with watermelon, coconut whipped cream, toasted almonds and fresh fruit - seems to be the favorite dessert as searches for it are spiking 506% this week on Yahoo.

But watermelon searches don’t stop there! You’re also searching for refreshing [watermelon salad with feta cheese] for a light appetizer, and [watermelon margarita recipe] for a tasty and festive summer cocktail. Searches for both are spiking off the charts this week.

Considering it’s bathing suit season, it’s no surprise you’re asking [how many calories in watermelon], [how to cut watermelon], [watermelon nutrition facts] and [is watermelon a fruit or vegetable]. Did you know watermelon happens to be high in disease-fighting lycopene, too? So go ahead - eat up!


Presents for Pops


Attention sons and daughters — dad’s day is just around the corner! If you haven’t already (but of course you have), mark your calendars as Father’s Day is June 15th.

Scratching your head on which gift to get dad this year? Look no further! Here is a list of 10 of the most-searched for Father’s Day gifts on Yahoo for 2014:

  1. Small Batch Bourbon

  2. Beats Headphones

  3. Golf Accessories

  4. GoPro Video Camera

  5. Concert Tickets

  6. Power Tools

  7. Ties

  8. Star Wars Bottle Openers

  9. Merkur Safety Razor

  10. 6 Pack Bike Bag

Happy shopping! And to all you dads out there, happy (almost) Father’s Day!


Shield the Sun with SPF

We get it — using sunscreen isn’t all that fun, but neither is a bad burn or a hard-to-hide tan line! But it seems that all you sunbathers and beach-goers out there are playing it safe in the sun this summer. In fact, you’re looking for some quirky and creative ways to protect yourself from harmful UV rays as searches for [dog sunscreen], [sunscreen for hair] and [drinkable sunscreen] are spiking off the charts this month on Yahoo.

Do you have a question about sun protection? You’re not alone. Yahoo users are also searching for [does sunscreen expire], [will sunscreen irritate a sunburn], [does sunscreen harm coral reefs], and [can you use coconut oil as sunscreen].

Ladies, unless you are wearing turtle necks and pants by the pool, you should know that 73% of searches for [sunscreen] this month on Yahoo come from men. Top-searching states include KY, MO, MA, IN, and PA. Play safe in the sun!


Grill Time


Memorial Day is the official start to BBQ season (at least in our books!). What do you plan to grill this weekend?

This month you’re searching for more than just meat with [grilled vegetable recipes] up 480%, [grilled corn] up 517% and [grilled pineapple recipe] spiking off the charts on Yahoo. Have you ever tried grilling peaches? They’re delicious, too!

Searches for [grilled shrimp] are also spiking 316%, while [grilled salmon] is up 49%, [grilled chicken] is up 562% and [grilled lobster tail] is trending high.

Top-searched grills on Yahoo this month are:

  1. Weber Charcoal Grills

  2. Fire Magic Meat Smoker

  3. Capt’n Cook Gas Grills

  4. Char-Broil Grills

  5. Lynx Gas Grills

  6. Louisiana Grills Smokers

  7. Weber Smoker

  8. Grill Dome Charcoal Grill

  9. Meco Charcoal Grills

  10. Napolean Charcoal Grills


Shape Up!

As temperatures rise and summer approaches, Yahoo users are looking for ways to shed the extra pounds. In fact, searches for [how many calories should I eat to lose weight] are spiking 342% this month. Trendy weight loss solutions are also a popular topic on Yahoo with searches for things like [apple cider vinegar and weight loss] up 571%. Tea-time lovers are also exploring [green tea weight loss], up 99% this month on Yahoo.

So what is your go-to workout equipment to get into shape this year? This month, Yahoo users are searching for the following (ranked in order):

1. Treadmills
2. Rowing Machines
3. Kettlebells
4. Inversion Tables
5. Punching Bags
6. Yoga Mats
7. Jogging Strollers
8. Smith Machine
9. Gravity Boots
10. Weight Benches


Missing Your Vitamin D?


Based on recent search habits, we’d like to bet you might not be getting enough sun. Don’t be embarrassed! You are not alone as searches for [vitamin d supplements] has spiked an enormous 8843% on Yahoo over the past 7 days. More specifically, you are asking about [vitamin d deficiency] (spiking 18%), [side effects of vitamin d supplements], [can you overdose on vitamin d supplements] and [best vitamin d supplements women]. To say these search queries are popular on Yahoo right now is an understatement.

That said, you might be one of the few that are exactly where you should be on the Vitamin D spectrum — sun kissed and strong-boned! Other vitamins searched for this month include [vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms], [vitamin e benefits], [vitamins for hair growth], [foods high in vitamin d] and [benefits of vitamin e].


Let’s Go To the Movies!


There are few things that beat sitting in front of the big screen with a bag full of popcorn and getting lost in the lives of the good-looking movie stars. Lucky for you, there are several must-see action-packed titles worth checking out this summer. Which movies are you most excited to see?

Ranked in order, the top searched (and perhaps most highly-anticipated) blockbuster movies on Yahoo this month are:

1. Godzilla
2. Neighbors
3. How To Train Your Dragon 2
4. X-Men
5. Maleficent
6. Transformers
7. Guardians of the Galaxy
8. Hercules
9. The Giver
10. The Expendables

(For more about summer movies, check out our new Yahoo Movies Digital Magazine! Our Executive Editor Josh Wolk is also available for interviews about summer movies.)



Singing on Sunday

The stars are coming out again this Sunday for the [billboard music awards 2014]! Yahoo users must be excited as searches for the award ceremony are spiking off the charts this month on Yahoo. Out of the top performers, who are you hoping will take home an award? Based on searches over the past year, here are your predictions:

Top Artist of the Year:
1. Miley Cyrus
2. Katy Perry
3. Bruno Mars
4. Justin Timberlake
5. Imagine Dragons

Top Album of the Year:
1. Beyonce
2. Eminem
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Luke Bryan
5. Drake

Top Duo/Group:  
1. One Direction
2. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
3. Imagine Dragons
4. Florida Georgia Line
5. One Republic

And tune in to Yahoo Music as we’ll be live streaming the red carpet arrivals for the awards! Check out the stars on Sunday at 3pm PT / 6pm ET at https://music.yahoo.com/programs/billboard-music-awards/