I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!


What’s sweeter than a three-scoop ice cream cone? Not having to wait in line for it! Yahoo users are cooling off in the comfort of their own homes as searches for [ice cream recipes] spike 64% in light of National Ice Cream month, which starts tomorrow! Searches for [ice cream makers] are up 481%, with the top-searched [cuisinart ice cream maker] in the lead.

What flavor are you fancying? Maybe something complicated like rocky road? Don’t work up a summer sweat trying to make a difficult snack! Start simple (and smart) with a more basic flavor like [homemade vanilla ice cream recipe], the top buzzing ice cream recipe search this month.

Ladies, did you know that you have a slightly bigger sweet tooth than men? We have proof in numbers as 56% of searches for [ice cream] are coming from you as opposed to men! Wondering which cities in the US are running to the freezer aisle the fastest? Check out our list of the top ice cream loving cities:

  1. New York (NY)   

  2. Los Angeles (CA)   

  3. Chicago (IL)   

  4. San Francisco (CA)   

  5. Atlanta (GA)   

  6. Philadelphia (PA)

  7. Washington, DC

  8. Boston (MA)    

  9. Dallas-ft. Worth (TX)   

  10. Grand Rapids (MI)






Back Again, So Soon!


Long summer days means more TV shows to watch! Many returning series are hitting the air this summer, and you’ve been searching for those worth watching.

You’re interested in a few different FX shows, including [tyrant fx tv series], spiking 437% this week, and [Wilfred], spiking 232% this week, following their recent premieres. [The strain tv series] is also buzzing this week on Yahoo - we can’t blame you vampire-lovers! With the horror series set to premiere on July 13, we can’t wait for the nightmares and to see what happens next. Speaking of vampires, who can forget HBO’s [true blood]? The final season premiered last Sunday and is spiking 148% this week on Yahoo.

In the mood for some reality TV? We can tell from your searches for [big brother] and [rising star tv show]. Looks like you’re also a drama-comedy lover! Searches on Yahoo for NBC’s [taxi brooklyn tv show] are spiking 251% this week. You can meet the show’s Detective Francis Frankie right here on Yahoo Screen.

Oh, and as if you needed another HBO show to get hooked on, HBO’s [the leftovers] is buzzing 156% this week on Yahoo.


Bzzz… Summer is Biting!

The sun is shining, and the bugs are biting! Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about those pesky mosquitos? Keeping the bugs at bay is on your mind as searches for [mosquito repellent] are spiking 266% this week on Yahoo, with top-searching states including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

Have you tried going au-natural for mosquito repellant? If so, you’re not alone as top mosquito-related searches on Yahoo this week include: [mosquito repellent plants] spiking 717%, [homemade mosquito repellent] spiking 120%, and [natural mosquito repellent] spiking 159%. That’s right, plants hate mosquitos too! Check out Yahoo Answers for ideas on which plants are best at keeping your body bite-free.


The Modern Guide to Paleo: Eating Like a Caveman


As you dive head first into the pool, you’re also diving head first into summer diet season. You’re looking into the trendy grain-free diet as [what is the paleo diet] is spiking 456% this week on Yahoo. Rightly so, if eating like a caveman could make shopping for a bathing suit just a little bit more fun.

Women are also significantly more interested, as 68% of searches for [paleo diet] come from ladies and only 32% come from men in top searching cities, including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Chicago.

As any educated dieter should, you have many questions, including [where to buy paleo bread], [how much weight can you lose on the paleo diet], [what causes sleep problems on the paleo diet], [is it normal to detox when starting the paleo diet] and [how does paleo affect your body].

For those on the diet, top searched paleo recipes over the past 30 days on Yahoo include: [paleo pancakes], [paleo banana bread], [paleo mayonnaise recipe], [paleo pizza crust], [paleo meatballs], [paleo brownies] and [paleo coleslaw recipes]. A diet that still allows some variation of pizza and brownies can’t be so bad, right?



Summertime tunes and ice cream afternoons!

SUMMMERRRR!!! School’s out, we have sunlight for hours, and you’re probably looking for ways to keep busy. Besides the beach, pool, hot dogs and lemonade, something that always resonates with summer is music!

Which concerts are you going to this summer? Over the past 30 days Yahoo users are searching most for:

1. Luke Bryan Tour

2. Tom Petty Tour

3. Zac Brown Band Tour

4. Paul McCartney Tour

5. George Strait Tour

6. Vans Warped Tour

7. Fleetwood Mac Tour

8. Bruno Mars Tour

9. One Direction Tour

10. Coldplay Tour

Throwing a pool party and need some song inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Top spiking summer songs this month include [rude magic] up 408%, [ed sheeran sing] up 362%, [sam smith stay with me] up 136%, [katy perry birthday] up 42% , and [turn down for what] spiking 41%.

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Soccer Smarts - Your Burning World Cup Questions Answered!

Here are some of the top searched World Cup-related questions (with answers!) we’re seeing on Yahoo this week:

  • [what does fifa stand for in soccer
    FIFA stands for The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (and not Feisty, International, and Fearless Athletes, although that does make sense). (Source)

  • [who invented soccer]
    The Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese each played games very similar to soccer, dating as far back as 2500 BC!  The game as we now know it was created by Britain. (Source)

  • [why americans call it soccer]
    Our British forefathers shortened the sports’ name from “Association Football” to “soccer”, and Americans continued the tradition while Britain (and the rest of the world) stuck to “football”. (Source)

We hope that answers some of your most burning World Cup questions! Keep ‘em coming.


The Players Take Center Stage at the 2014 FIFA World Cup!


The 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway and Yahoo users couldn’t be more excited! Curious about which athlete is getting the most love? Check out the top 11 most-searched players on Yahoo over the past two weeks (ranked in order):

  1. [mario balotelli]

  2. [cristiano ronaldo]

  3. [lionel messi]

  4. [neymar]

  5. [david villa]

  6. [fernando torres]

  7. [clint dempsey]

  8. [frank lampard]

  9. [luis suarez]

  10. [gerard pique]

  11. [sergio ramos]


Only time will tell who will take home the Golden Boot

Yahoo Search and the 2014 FIFA World Cup

With at-a-glance results specially designed for this year’s tournament and powered by real-time data from the Yahoo Sports app, you’ll find all the football information you need right on the search results page. Visit Yahoo Search for the latest scores, live standings, and schedules for the games. We also have pictures and information for the teams, managers and players, with stadium imagery in the background to get you in the spirit.





The 2014 FIFA World Cup is FINALLY here and it’s no surprise that searches for [world cup teams] are spiking 552% this week on Yahoo. 

Here are the top 10 searched teams on Yahoo (ranked in order):

  1. [brazil soccer team]

  2. [usa soccer team]

  3. [portugal soccer team]
  4. [mexico soccer team]

  5. [cameroon soccer team]

  6. [argentina soccer team]

  7. [croatia soccer team]

  8. [spain world cup team 2014]

  9. [germany soccer team]

  10. [ghana soccer team]

If you haven’t already, head over to Yahoo Labs for predictions on who will win all the World Cup games (and predicted scores!) based on Tumblr popularity. They’ve already predicted the first game score correct!

After you’ve done your fair share of research, get going on those brackets! With searches for [world cup predictions] spiking 424% and [fantasy world cup] spiking 650%, you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

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Sippin’ on Summer


Summertime and the living’s easy! Just like Sublime, you too are hitting the pool, lounging at the beach, and hanging with friends in the sunny outdoors as searches for [fresh summer drinks] spike off the charts on Yahoo this month.

What’s your summer drink of choice? A little over just a week into June, searches for [mai tai] are spiking 243%, while searches for [strawberry daiquiri] are up 247% and [mojito] are up 171%.

What better way to hydrate (and cool off!) than by sipping on an iced, shaken or blended cocktail! Interested in checking out what some of the top searched summer cocktails on Yahoo are? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular searches over the past 30 days.