Mustache Fever and Cooking Curiosity

Welcome to the new Yahoo! Search Tumblr, every day you are searching on Yahoo! for some very quirky and interesting things. We want to showcase some of those fun trends on our new Tumblr. This will be an ongoing series.

I Must-ache You a Question



Are you into the “handlebar” look? Or maybe you just find mustaches plain creepy. Well, whether you like it or not, the mustache fad continues as searches for [mustache] are spiking on Yahoo! this week. So, what are some of the most popular ‘staches these days? The top searched mustaches this month on Yahoo! are: [batman mustache], [dog with mustache], [cat mustache], and [ronnie batman mustache]. No, we’re not kidding :) And that’s just the beginning of this hairy trend! Other top searches for mustaches this week include: [mr money mustache], [mustache popping out iPhone 5 case], [mustache clip art], [mustache party], and [mustache party supplies]. Stay classy, mustacheys!

Time to get cookin’:


With summer veggies available everywhere now, it’s no surprise that folks are trying to figure out how to cook them. Searches for [how to cook corn on the cob] are up 20% this week. Other searches that are off the charts include: [how to cook fresh green beans], [how to cook artichokes], [how to cook spaghetti squash], [how to cook kale], [how to cook quinoa], and [how to cook asparagus]. But the top spiking “how to cook” term this week is…drumroll please…[how to cook lobster tails] which is up a whopping 1538%, with 60% of searches coming from males. Is it just us, or do some grilled veggies sound really good right about now?

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