Cronut Craze & Nail Art Inspiration

Nail Art-ists:

It’s the first week of summer and Yahoo! users are showing off their fashion-forward nails as searches for [nail art] are spiking. What kind of creative designs will girls (and maybe some guys out there!) be sporting? Top searches for nail art on Yahoo! over the past week are: [3d nail art designs], [toe nail art], [superman nail art], [water marble nail art], [4th of july nail art], [summer nail art], [bridal rhinestones nail art], [pikachu nail art], and — wait for it— [hot dog nail art]!

Source: Totally Cool Nails

Crazy for Cronuts:

Donut who?! Looks like there’s a new favorite dessert in town. Spiking by 283% on Yahoo! this month are [cronuts] - half croissant, half doughnut, and total awesomeness. With 65% of searches coming from women, this newly introduced, delicious treat is making its debut on the east coast, with top searches coming from New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Cleveland. Other top searches for cronuts over the past week are: [cronuts recipe], [cronuts nyc], [cronuts pastry], [what are cronuts], and [cronuts bakery]. Cue the cronut cravings!


Image by Image by Macey J. Foronda/Buzzfeed

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