Watermelon = Summer

Nothing says summer like eating a watermelon, and it appears Yahoo! users are ready for a taste of the undisputed queen of summer fruit. 



Just how much do people want their watermelon fix? Well, searches for [watermelon] are up 23% over the past month on Yahoo! as people look for ways to cool down from the humid weather. Watermelon is delicious, refreshing, and perhaps most importantly in the diet-conscious summer months, healthy. This was certainly on the minds of many Yahoo! users as searches for [calories in watermelon] were up 423% and [watermelon nutrition facts] saw a spike of 195%. 

In short, watermelon has got it going on. Beyond just being plump, beautiful, and juicy, it’s also a versatile ingredient for other dishes. Searches for [watermelon salad] were up 750%, while other trending terms included [watermelon oreos], [watermelon salsa], [watermelon cake] and [vodka watermelon]. Whichever way you slice it, people are going wild for watermelon!

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