Dive In! Top Searched Water Parks

So how tempting does this look?



Not surprisingly, incredibly tempting..It’s hot outside. People are heading out in droves for the water park, as searches for [Indoor water parks] are up 115% in the last 30 days on Yahoo!.

The top searched parks on Yahoo! are: 

  1. [Kalahari ohio water park]
  2. [blue bayou water park]
  3. [rapids water park]
  4. [splish splash water park]
  5. [splashdown water park]
  6. [aquatica water park]
  7. [sandcastle water park]
  8. [soaring eagle water park]

Kalahari, the largest water park in America, has the highest volume of searches but [rapids water park] is spiking 353% and searches for [soaring eagle water park] are up 321%. In the kind of weather that makes people want to smother themselves in ice cubes, it seems water parks remain the fun and satisfying way to cool down. 

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