Stay Plugged Into Your Daily Habits With The New Yahoo! Toolbar

by Umesh Joshi, Senior Product Manager, Y! Toolbar

The browser is your window to the world, and it’s your way of navigating the things that you do daily. The Yahoo! Toolbar helps you get to what matters the most to you - faster and easier. We’re proud to announce a brand new Toolbar update in the U.S. for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and that we’re bringing it to Chrome for the first time.

Whether you want quick access to search, email, local weather, or world and financial news, the Toolbar gets you there, no matter where you are on the web. You can even check in on what your friends on social networks are doing with one simple click.

We’ve given the Toolbar a brand new look, it’s way faster and can now do more than ever:

If you already have the Toolbar, this is an easy update. For those of you not using it, it’s easy to set up and customize to fit your daily habits. Visit to get started and then simply add the feeds, sites and networks that you access the most on the web.

We hope you enjoy the Toolbar, happy surfing!