Twerk It Out



It’s Miley’s party, she can do what she wants — and twerking is exactly what she did! Since Sunday’s scandalous VMA performance, Yahoo! users have been searching the Web about this popular dance move. In fact, searches for [what is twerking] have spiked 2421% this week!

Who is interested in learning more about twerking? 66% of searches [what is twerking] have come from women. And 59% of searches for the same question have come from Yahoo! users 35-54 years old.

So which celebs do Yahoo! users want to watch twerk? The top twerking celebrities this week are:

[miley cyrus twerk]

[amber rose twerking]

[selena gomez twerking]

[harry styles twerking]

[iggy azalea twerking]

[nicki minaj twerking]