Hold Your Horses! The Kentucky Derby is Buzzing on Yahoo


Searches for [mint julep] are spiking 97% on Yahoo this week, which can only mean one thing — the Kentucky Derby is near! In fact, searches for [kentucky derby 2014 contenders] are spiking 2011% this month on Yahoo, with 80% of searches coming from the men and 20% coming from the women. You’re also searching for past [triple crown winners] as the term is spiking 39% this week.

Horses aside, you’re interested in fashion choices for the big event as searches for [kentucky derby hats] are spiking 63% this week. In particular, you’re looking for [kentucky derby hats for women], [kentucky derby dresses] and [best earrings with kentucky derby hats].  

Other top Kentucky Derby searches this week on Yahoo include [kentucky derby party ideas], [kentucky derby party invitations], [kentucky derby pie recipe], [kentucky derby main dishes] and [kentucky derby decorations]. Ladies, get your hats ready!