Back to School


Summer is soon coming to an end (womp womp womp), but Yahoo users are eager to go back to school and get their shopping done early this year! 

This month, you’re  searching for [back to school sales], especially at Walmart, and [back to school supplies]. Hot brands alert! Searches for [ticonderoga pencils] are spiking 543% this week on Yahoo, and top-searched backpacks this month are Jansport, North Face, Disney Frozen, Under Armor, and Vera Bradley.

We know it all adds up despite the sales, so we understand why you’re looking to [sell textbooks]. The search spikes 237% this week on Yahoo and we are totally on board with using the money you make from selling books on going to a concert.

You’re also getting techy with it! Top-searched [laptops] this month on Yahoo are: HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Apple.

Enjoy what’s left of summer and keep searching for the best deals in your area!