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Feeling Charitable


In light of the wildly successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign, Yahoo users are feeling inspired to give back. Over the past 30 days on Yahoo, searches for the term [charity] are spiking 125%.

There are so many great charities to choose from, but there are a few that Yahoo users are gravitating towards. The top-searched charities this month include [amazon smile charity program], [ALS Charity], and [Omaze Charity].

And while donating funds is an essential part of giving back to the community, Yahoo users are also looking for other ways to be charitable. Over the past 30 days, searches for [plasma donation centers] are spiking 924%!

What causes are most important to you?


Happy long weekend! Aside from having the extra day off, you’re wondering specifically [what is labor day]. Just what it sounds like! It’s a day of celebration for our workers.

And what better way to celebrate than to take that last summer vacay before fall hits? You’re searching for [labor day getaways] and [cheap flights]. You’re also checking out beach vacation rentals, hotel vacation clubs, all inclusive vacations, and vacation packages. Take us with you!

For Labor Day fun back at home, you’re looking up the weekend’s sales. This month, searches for [labor day laptop sales] are spiking off the charts on Yahoo, with other top sale searches including [car sales], [mattress sales], [yacht sales] and [tv sales]. Do-it-Yourself’ers are taking advantage of the long weekend: this week on Yahoo, users are specifically searching for Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears Labor Day sales.

Let the celebrations begin!


Fashion Forward


With summer almost coming to a close, Yahoo users have fall fashion on their minds. What are millions of fashion-forward people around the country searching for? Think denim and boots galore!

Yahoo users still wear their denim in the summer heat, but instead of a tight fit, women are wearing a baggier style. Searches for [boyfriend jeans] are spiking 121% this month on Yahoo.

Remember Timberland boots? Just like the Birkenstock, they are back in the wardrobe rotation of style-savvy folks, as they are the top-searched boot brand this month on Yahoo. Other top searched boot brands include: Ugg, Redwing, Hunter, and Frye.

And not to burst your beach-weather bubble, but Yahoo users are preparing for the gloomy months ahead, as searches for [rain boots] are spiking 531% this month.



Take Me to the Movies!


What’s the best way to take a break from the smoldering heat during the summer months? Going to the movies, of course! Yahoo users are looking to escape into a good movie this summer and are searching for their top picks.

Over the past 30 days, the movies with the highest volume of searches on Yahoo include [jersey boys movie], [begin again movie], and [sex tape movie].

And we can’t forget about one of the most highly anticipated movies of the season! Yahoo users are dying to see the [50 shades of grey movie trailer] which is up 3490% and searched for by 66% women and 34% of men. 

Which movie are you most excited to see this summer?


Let’s Be Frank


Hungry for hot dogs? Tomorrow is National Hot Dog Day and it’s time to get your grub on! Searches for the [best hot dogs] are spiking off the charts this month, with [nathan’s hot dogs] in particular spiking 2182% following its annual contest.

Picky about your dogs? The most searched brands of this favorite summer BBQ food this month are: [brooklyn hot dog company], [portillos hot dogs], [hebrew national hot dogs], [sabrett hot dogs], [applegate hot dogs], [pinks hot dogs], [ballpark hot dogs] and [hot dog on a stick].

Are you starting to crave these right now and need a recipe stat? The top hot dog recipes on Yahoo this month include: [hot dog chili recipe], [hot dog bar ideas], [uncured hot dogs], [vegan carrot hot dog recipe], [hot dog meatballs] and [green chile hot dogs]. And if you need ideas for toppings, look no further than Yahoo Food for dangerously delicious inspiration!

Hot diggity dog!


Food Truck Frenzy


Word on the street is that street food is the word! You’re heading outdoors to try some delicious — and sometimes gourmet — [food trucks]. This month, the term is spiking 168% on Yahoo, which is an increase of nearly 2x more searches compared to 2013!

Prepare your taste buds! The top searched food trucks on Yahoo this month include: the Mexican [tamarindo food truck] in Orange County, Korean and Japanese fusion [koja kitchen food truck] in the Bay Area, gourmet Singapore and American [chomp chomp nation food truck] in Orange County, Filipino Fusion [white rabbit food truck] in Los Angeles, and New England-style [roll n lobster food truck] in Los Angeles.

If you want to see what other meals on wheels are near you, check out this piece on Yahoo Travel!


Night at the Museum

Looking to get inspired, beat the summer heat, and learn something new? Stand beneath a life size skeleton of a dinosaur, imagine yourself sailing on the high seas, or visit yesterday’s wonders of the world at a local museum! The top 10 museums buzzing this week on Yahoo are:

  1. [boston museum of fine arts]

  2. [creation museum kentucky]

  3. [boston museum of science]

  4. [intrepid museum]

  5. [philadelphia museum of art]

  6. [lacma museum]

  7. [st. louis city museum]

  8. [houston children’s museum]

  9. [getty museum los angeles]

  10. [volvo auto museum]


A Five Star Partnership: Yelp’s Reviews and Ratings Are Now on Yahoo Search

By Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Director, Product Management

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Yelp.

Now when you use Yahoo Search to look up a local business in the U.S. on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, you’ll see user reviews, business information, and star ratings from Yelp. We’ve also added a new photo viewing experience to show high-quality photos from Yelp, other partners, and the businesses themselves.


At Yahoo, we’re always looking to build great partnerships to provide a richer experience for our users. That’s why we’re especially fired up to add trusted user content from Yelp, bringing more business listings, more photos, and more reviews to the recently-refreshed Local Search and Yahoo Maps experiences. With information and photos for retail chains, mom and pop shops, spas, doctors and hospitals, restaurants, and more, Yelp is a welcome addition to our roster of local content partners.



Holiday Movies!

What’s going to be the top holiday blockbuster this season? Based on searches over the past week on Yahoo, the top film movie goers want to see is [american hustle], followed by [anchorman 2], [frozen], [the secret life of walter mitty], [the hobbit], and [the hunger games].

Looks like a lot of you are anticipating movies that open on Christmas Day, like Meryl Streep & Julia Roberts’ newest flick [august osage county] which is spiking 199% over the past week on Yahoo. 

Karaoke Jam



Nothing puts us in the holiday mood more than a good ole karaoke sesh (Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas,” anyone?). This season, you might be thinking of giving the gift of song as searches for [karaoke machine] spike by 2492% this month on Yahoo.

Which songs will you be singing on your new machines? Your top searched karaoke songs include: [wrecking ball karaoke], [roar karaoke], [jingle bells karaoke], [hallelujah karaoke], [just give me a reason karaoke], and of course — [all I want for christmas is you karaoke].

And a special shout out to you serenaders in Texas, California, Ohio, Florida and Illinois — you’re amongst the top states searching for karaoke!