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10 Hottest Spring Break Spots on Yahoo



Sunshine. Best Friends. Toes in the sand. Clearly some fun in the sun is on our minds as [when is spring break 2014] is spiking by 27% this week on Yahoo. Whether you’re headed to Mexico or staying local, you can do no wrong in choosing a spring break destination. But what are the hot spots that 18-24 year olds have been searching for over the past month? Let’s check out the top 10 spring break havens on Yahoo:

  1. Miami - The top searched destination for spring breakers, Miami known for it’s elaborate nightlife, beautiful beaches and fun activities
  2. Panama City - Another Florida city, this hot spot is paradise for thousands of students known as “the spring break capital of the world”
  3. Lake Havasu - This location might surprise you, but with it’s social atmosphere on top a boat, Havasu is a prime location to have some fun
  4. Cozumel - An Island in the Caribbean sea off of Mexico, spring breakers can relax in paradise
  5. Cancun - A consistent destination year after year, filled with classic spring break activities and in the sands of Mexico
  6. South Padre Island - For those closer to the midwest, this sunny location in the Lone Star State comes with white sandy beaches and warm temperatures
  7. Daytona Beach - Another Florida city makes the list 
  8. Punta Cana - Located in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is an international draw with it’s turquoise blue waters 
  9. Bahamas - Just off the US coast, spring breakers can relax and enjoy beautiful scenery and numerous local restaurants and activities 
  10. Cabo San Lucas - Commonly called Cabo, this is a famous designation right off the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula

The spring break fun doesn’t stop there! Other top searched destinations this month on Yahoo include New Orleans (including the famous Bourbon Square), Las Vegas (top nightlife, pool parties and more), Samana Peninsula  (white sandy beaches in the Dominican Republic), Puerto Vallarta (a Mexican  resort city) and Fort Lauderdale (more Florida!). 

Top 5 Oscar Nominated Flicks on Yahoo



Sunday night will be all about glitz and glamour as our favorite Hollywood stars hit the red carpet for the 86th Annual Academy Awards. You’re getting ready for those Oscar parties, searching on Yahoo for [printable oscar ballots] and [oscar winner predictions]. But who would the top dogs be if the winners were based on your Yahoo searches? Here are the movies that would make the Top 5 for Best Picture of the Year: 

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street
  2. American Hustle
  3. Gravity
  4. 12 Years A Slave
  5. Captain Phillips

The New Kardashian Queen


Little sis is growing up so fast! After multiple trips down the runway and confirmations of her romance with Harry Styles, your searches for [kendall jenner] are spiking a whopping 2237%. Is she the budding “It Girl” for the Kardashian franchise, er, family? For the first time, Kendall takes the crown from her older sister Kim with nearly 6x more searches over the past week. Kim has a record of being one of Yahoo’s most searched people over the past few years but could Kendall top our list in 2014? Only time will tell, but so far this socialite’s odds are looking pretty good! 

House of Cards in the House



For those of us that have missed Kevin Spacey’s faux-southern accent, the wait is now over! House of Cards returns for its much anticipated Season 2 today on Netflix. It looks like everyone is excited as [house of cards season 2] has spiked 36% over the past week, with 59% of searches for [house of cards] coming from men. 

Which cast members are you most interested in? Kate Mara has been searched for nearly 10 times more than protagonist Kevin Spacey and about 2 times more that Robin Wright. However, Robin Wright is the highest spiking cast member on Yahoo this month — up 236% after her win at the Golden Globes

And how does the series compare to other soon-to-be returning shows? House of Cards is the top searched returning show over the past 30 days when compared to Glee, The Voice, Game of Thrones, The Americans and Portlandia

Let the binge watching begin! 

Wealth of Health



Looks like you’re going strong with your New Year’s Resolutions! Searches for [top 10 healthiest foods] are spiking 1334% this week on Yahoo, with 52% of searches coming from women and 48% coming from men.

Which healthy foods are you enjoying the most? Based on your searches over the past month, the top healthy food is [kale] – with recipes such as [kale chips], [kale salad], [kale soup] and [kale smoothies]. Other top 10 healthy foods include [broccoli], [salmon], [brussel sprouts], [tofu], [garlic], [spinach], [tuna], [potatoes] and [sweet potato]. Also buzzing the most this month on Yahoo are [strawberries], up 1162% and the top ranked fruit amongst fruit searches.

So go on, keep your health kick going!

Broncos vs. Seahawks: It’s ON!


Down, set, SEARCH! The countdown is on in anticipation for Super Bowl Sunday. An almost even number of you guys (53%) and gals (47%) are searching for the term [super bowl 2014] this week which is spiking by 4204% on Yahoo! Top Super Bowl searching cities include Seattle and Denver (no surprise there), as well as Elmira NY, Binghamton NY, and Erie PA.

Which Super Bowl stars are burning up the internet? Denver Broncos QB [peyton manning] is getting more than 3X the searches of Seattle Seahawks QB [russell wilson] — and this holds true when looking at searches over the past month, as Manning is your #1 searched Super Bowl athlete. But what about the coaches? Seahawks coach [pete carroll] has been searched for 6x more than Broncos coach [john fox].

We all know it’s not just about that game. The commercials and the half-time show are also top of mind as your other top searches include [bruno mars] and [full house super bowl]. 

Let the games begin! 

A Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood

By Anand Chandrasekaran, Senior Director, Product Management

We’ve updated Yahoo Search to make it easier to get the essential facts for any business in the U.S. right on the search results page.

When it comes to searching for local content, we know you want to take action. If you’re checking out a restaurant, you want to peruse the menu, see if it’s open, and maybe make a reservation. If you’re looking for a new dentist, you want to know whether the office near you is accepting new patients, and if they take your insurance.

Whether you’re searching for the nearest open restaurant or your local coffee shop, you’ll see a snapshot of the business alongside our refreshed Yahoo Maps experience - information like a company overview, photos, hours of operation, parking availability and more. With a noticeably larger map that stays put on the sidebar, it’s easier to find the location closest to you.

Whatever you’re looking for in your neighborhood, this is another step towards a faster, more beautiful search experience from Yahoo.

Ghee Whiz!



So you’ve seen the term while you’re browsing through new recipes, but what exactly is ghee? You’re not the only one that wants to know, as searches for [what is ghee] have been spiking off the charts on Yahoo over the past month.

Ghee, butter that has been melted slowly so milk solids separate from the fat (otherwise known as “clarified butter”), has you curious this week as your top searches include [ghee recipes], [how to make ghee], [ghee health benefits], [what is ghee made of] and [where to buy ghee]. 

Music’s Big Night


Music’s biggest night of the year, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, is approaching and we can’t wait as searches for [grammys 2014] spike 895% this month. If you’re in LA, Chicago and New York you’re amongst the top cities searching for the Grammys!

As we look back over the past year of music, who were your top searched artists? If the “Best Album of the Year” winner was based on your Yahoo searches, pop-princess [taylor swift] would clearly take the crown as your searches for her are at least 6x more than 2. [macklemore], 3. [sara bareilles], 4. [kendrick lamar] and 5. [daft punk].

But which top song of the year is getting buzzed about this month? [katy perry roar] is your top searched over the last month, while [macklemore same love] spikes more than any other nominated “Song of the Year” over the past 30 days on Yahoo.

Is it Sunday yet?! 

"I Have a Dream"



We’re all ready to celebrate the birthday of the visionary Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Monday. Searches for [martin luther king day 2014] are spiking 220% this month on Yahoo, while searches for [martin luther king quotes] and [martin luther king speech] are spiking off the charts. 

What kind of questions do you have about the Reverend? Your top-searched questions include [who killed martin luther king], [is martin luther king day a federal holiday], [when was martin luther king born], [what did people remember martin luther king by], [where was martin luther king assassinated], and [what made martin luther king jr a great leader].